SLS in the Media

SLS in The Cavalier Daily October 2006

Lester Wilson, SLS attorney until Sept. 2023, at his desk
Student Legal Services was featured in 2006 in an article in the Cavalier Daily. Lester Wilson, former SLS Director stressed the significant rise in criminal cases, particularly related to alcohol offenses.

SLS In UVAToday March 2024

SLS was featured in UVAToday to celebrate the office renovation and to honor Lester Wilson for 26 years of service to SLS.

SLS In The Cavalier Daily April 2024

"Throughout the mural, I have flowers that have negative connotations to them because they’re invasive or hard to get rid of. I thought that as immigrants, we tend to have a lot of negative connotations, yet we’re able to thrive in such harsh environments.” 


Katherine Flores was featured in Cavalier Daily for her beautiful mural she painted for the SLS office in February of 2024.