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Practice Areas

Don't See Your Issue?

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  • Notarizations (free)
    • We provide notary services during walk-in hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. No appointment is necessary unless you are unavailable during those times. Notary services are only available for current students at the University.
  • Document Preparation 
    • We provide document preparation of each of the following and more
      • Court documents
      • Contracts
      • Subleases
  • Landlord-Tenant
    • Lease review before signing 
    • Disputes with Landlord
    • Evictions
    • Repair and maintenance issues
    • Security Deposits 
  • Criminal & Traffic
    • Minor felonies and misdemeanors
  • Consumer
    • Contracts 
    • Car accidents 
  • Personal & Family Changes
    • Name change
    • Gender Correction
  • Expungement of criminal charges 
  • Personal Injury*
  • Child Custody or Support*
  • Distribution of Real Property in Domestic Relations*
  • Personal Property Tax*
  • Worker's Compensation*



Types of Cases We Cannot Assist With

  • Wills, Trusts, & Estates
  • Civil Tax (see personal property tax)
  • Student Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate
  • Copyright, Patent, or Trademark
  • Honor or UJC related issues
  • Immigration, but the following law offices may provide help instead: 

Please Note

SLS cannot represent or advise on the following: 
1) Issues against another student, the University of Virginia, or the state of Virginia;
2) UVA policies or procedures;
3) UJC, Honor Council, or Dean of Students inquiries;
4) Matters outside of the state of Virginia.


Fee Schedule

Below is a list of our fees broken down by type. Filing fees refers to court associated fees. We accept payment via cash, check or Zelle.

Consultations and Notarizations Free
Document Preparation $20- 80
Separation Agreement $50
Incorporations $50 + filing fees
Name Change $50 + filing fees
Civil Litigation $100 + filing fees
Criminal & Traffic $250

$50 + filing fee

and fingerprinting fee

If you have any questions regarding our fee schedule please do not hesitate to ask.


Common Court Filing Fees 

Below is a list of common court fees in the Charlottesville and Albemarle courts. These numbers may vary depending on which court you file in. 

Expungement $82 per charge + $12 service of process per charge
Warrant in Debt (GDC) $60-63 (depending on court)
Tenant's Assertion (GDC) $60-63 (depending on court)
Name Change  $37