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Personal & Family Overview

  • To change your name in Virginia, you must file a notarized petition of name change in the circuit court where you live with a civil cover sheet. Some courts have their own forms, but the Virginia court system does have a general form available if your jurisdiction does not have its own.
  • A proposed order for the judge to sign if the name change is granted should accompany the petition. The court may hold a hearing, at which time you will have the opportunity to explain your request for a name change.
  • “In any such application and hearing, if such be demanded, the court, shall, unless the evidence shows that the change of name is sought for a fraudulent purpose or would otherwise infringe upon the rights of others[…], order a change of name.” Va. Code § 8.01-217.  
  • To correct your Virginia birth certificate, you can file a form for changing sex designation directly to the Virginia Department of Vital Records after obtaining your healthcare professional’s signature with an application for a birth certificate that reflects the updated information.
  • Those born out of the Commonwealth of Virginia should look to the state of their birth for guidance on this process. 
  • If there are no children involved, you can get a no-fault divorce after 6 months of separation, without any cohabitation during that time, and after signing a separation agreement. Va. Code. § 20-91(9)(a).


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